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Since 1974, Wings for the World has been travelling to exotic, sometimes challenging, destinations. We've taken clients across Siberia by train and to the Antarctic. From New Guinea to Ethiopia. For us, travel is not tourism - it's an adventure.

Toronto-based Wings for the World is Canada's leading specialist in adventure travel, but that term is sometimes misunderstood. Some may think "adventure travel" means roughing it in the bush and risking life and limb in such pursuits as hang-gliding or white-water rafting. If those are your preferred activities, we can certainly arrange them for you, but that's not our idea of adventure travel.

We see the world, its beauty and its peoples as endlessly fascinating and to explore another part of the world is truly an adventure. For some, a vacation means lying on a beach but Wings for the World clients want more than that. They want to satisfy their curiosity about their world and to gain on their trips a true understanding of another culture or the wonders of nature. Also, with our small groups travellers can share the adventure with others and also learn from each others' experiences.

All of which doesn't mean that you have to be uncomfortable or inconvenienced on your travel adventure, even in remote areas of developing countries.

Take, for example, the tented camps which are used on some of our African game-viewing safaris. Yes, we do sleep in tents, but every other luxury is provided, including three gourmet meals daily. And this is the best way to experience the real Africa.

Our Wings for the World tour directors and knowledgeable local English-speaking guides ensure that your trip is hassle-free and you get the most you possibly can from your experience, making each trip truly an adventure.

You can choose one of our small-group trips to virtually any part of the world or we can custom design an itinerary to satisfy your individual interests, preferences and budget. We even have trips to Peru and India for single travellers so you can have private accommodation without having to pay a single supplement.


Some of our exotic destinations are:
Costa Rica
East Africa
Southern Africa
Galapagos Islands
Easter Island

Call Wings for the World and make your next vacation truly an adventure.






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