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The Amazon, approximately 6,450km in length, is the second longest river in the world after the Nile. Flowing eastward from the Andes to the Atlantic, it is part of six countries in the broad equatorial part of South America, it has the world's largest drainage basin, more than 7 million sq km or nearly 5% of the world's total land area. It carries almost 20% of the earth's total water discharge to the ocean-more than the next six largest rivers combined. The flow is so powerful that it dilutes the salt water of the Atlantic 160km beyond the coast.
The Amazon rises in the Peruvian Andes little more than 160km from the Pacific Ocean.

In 1541 the Spanish explorer Francisco de Orellana began European exploration here, descending the river to the Atlantic. He is variously reported to have imagined, sighted or been attacked by female warriors. He gave the river its name, which refers to the Amazons of Greek mythology.


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