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Guatemala is probably the most colorful country in the world. Packed with incredible Mayan ruins, authentic Indian markets, live volcanoes and the pure colonial city of Antigua, declared by UNESCO a world’s heritage site.

Tikal , where 2000 year old temples and palaces can be seen and many more treasures and evidence of its great cultural heritage. Let us not forget the virgin rain forest and the beauty and importance of the Rio Dulce ( Sweet River).

Costa Rica
Costa Rica is very popular and much in demand in today’s travel scene.

Aquamarine water lapping glistening beaches, sprawling inland valleys giving way to vast green savannas, mountain slopes enveloped by majestic trees, balmy breezes cascading over the stunning plateaus, and down below the dense jungle whitens in a blanket of mist and steam. These are all parts of the diverse personality of Costa Rica, the charming paradise of Central America.

We at Wings for the World have been arranging various itineraries, to suit your time, budget and interests, to these peace loving and naturally beautiful small Central American Country.

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